250-OCBC NISP HW Interior (_DINN!) -03.1

OCBC NISP - Premium Guest House 

A new banking landscape that blends together a modern retail environment with local visual traditions.

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070-OCBC NISP HW Interior (_DINN!) -03.1


A special project in an historical location right in the center of Tsibilisi , to host the Wealth Management branch of Bank of Georgia.


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TMB Bank  

The concept of this revolutionary project turns around a new digital Retail Banking experience, conceived by DINN! together with the client, that combines digitization with a human touch.

The development of the concept and architectural technical design was delivered by BUILT through the use of BIM software, allowing for a better remote project coordination and for many practical advantages on the client side.

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TMB Experience 20.JPG


Bally is an historical swiss brand dating back to 1851, manifacturing high-end quality footwear and accessories, with over 200 retail location.

BUILT assists Bally Store Planning in many different activities amongst which:


    - Concept FIne Tuning

    - Architectural design

    - Facility Management

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SPARKASSE  The bank Boutique

The innovative concept  transforms Sparkasse’s banking model towards the boutique archetype, enhancing its premium positioning. 

The new branches rapresents an experience bank, made by the people for the people, in which the client can easily move into a smart and elegant space, thought to optimize the contents, integrating sophisticated technologies and enhance the details.

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ARMANI  Project and Construction Management

For the realization of new Outlet Stores of Armani, we implement the Project and Construction Management, taking care of all the activities needed to bring a project from a commercial Layout to the inauguration day

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A branding operation to enhance Crédit Agricole values and positioning in its most important and historical branches, based on a human centric approach, the historical enhancementof each specific location, a premium character and a unique retail customer experience.

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BANK OF GEORGIA The bank of you Concept  

The retail bank of the BoG group focused  on a customer centric approach, in a co-working space landscape design.

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PIRAEUS BANK High Touch E-branch Concept  

The best combination of high tech and human impact, a new way of doing bank in a Kitchen living landscape design.iconic and smart space  able to communicate the  new brand positioning,  designed in an environment  with different habits,  standards, and regulations.

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BANK OF GEORGIA / SOLO Lifestyle bank


A space for everyday  banking activities but also  a place of leisure to host  exclusive events.

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A place of meeting between  customers and banking  consultants, representing  one of the most extensive  branches renovation project  ever realized in Italy.

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ADIDAS Temple of runners


A Runbase is intended to be a Hub for runners to discover,  feel and have a complete  Adidas running experience.

Milan runbase is like a  modern city that integrates  social, technological and  comunication elements,  augmenting everyone  possibilities.

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CHERUBINI Showroom  and directional  offices


Cherubini showroom is a place  to experience the results

of years tradition and  knowledge in a space that  mixes offices, laboratories,  meeting rooms and  showcase.

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BPER Botanical garden experience

A revolutionary change  in the relational model  between the bank and  its clients that required coordination and alignment  with many different  stakeholders, but proved  that with clarity of intents  and collaboration, a lot can be achieved.

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FORTEBANK Casual restauran bank

An iconic and smart space  able to communicate the  new brand positioning,  designed in an environment  with different habits,  standards, and regulations.

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Italy’s value lies in its  historical and architectural  heritage. Being able to know  it and preserve it is one of the  main imperative of our job.

To work in such an  environment is both a  responsability and an  opportunity, and our mission was to accomplish the final  result using traditional  constructive methods.

Conservative refurbishment  of the facades, Reconstruction of the  existing roof, Structural  consolidation, Complete  renovation of all mechanical  plants, Work direction,  Safety coordination,

Project management

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Support to Salesian Pavilion for the performance of all operations relating to the transportation, handling and customs clearance of goods like Partecipant Logistic Manager (PLM),  and with responsibility for all aspects, authorizations and procedures associated with environmental issues like Partecipant Environmental Manager (PEM). 

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Expo Milano 2015

Green knot

Mi west


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