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Matteo Lugli

Federico Borsetto


I’m a building engineer and I follow the whole design process from the concept creation to the construction phases. I have a deep experience in the retail world and I know that the most important goal is to reach the top level of performances and design at the same time. For this reason my task is to bend the concept design to all the technical aspects.

I am a building engineer architect and I have always been interested in how things are designed and built. My aim at Built is to follow a project development in all its phases to make ideas come true.

Luca Filiti

Marco Mantegazza


I am an architect. Since the beginning of my University studies I've been focused on the developement of tehcnological and constructive issues in order to enhance buildings behaviour, starting from design to executive phases.

Francesco Ciampolini Fregoli


I'm an architect specialized in the design of interior spaces. My work experience is mainly based on the construction phase and specifically I deal with the coordination between the various figures involved in the project until its realization during which attention to detail is fundamental.
What I like most about my job is the possibility to see concretely realized what at first was just an idea.

Irene Talamona


I’m an architect with an engineering bent. Architecture, sport, technology, travel and mountain passionate. I chose to study Architecture just to follow an intuition and during the path I’ve started loving this profession for its strong value. I work and I study with deep dedication and I love to see buildings as a result of my efforts during the construction phase.

Davide Milani


Since the years of Building Architecture university, I have always been particularly interested in the technical and constructive aspects of all sorts of objects, from individual pieces of furniture to complete buildings. My tasks in BUILT are to turn design and preliminary ideas into real and complex elements, as the best compromises between technology and functionality, and to provide customers with increasingly complete products, also by means of BIM software packages, in line with the new innovative trend of the constructions world.

Francesca Bocchio
Dilara Çelik

I am an architect. Architecture has always fascinated me because it manages to combine aesthetic and technical aspects, offering me the opportunity to face projects from the creative layout phase to the creation of spaces. Being able to work in a group and to deal with different types and scales of projects, from offices, to shops, to furnishings, gives me the opportunity to test myself and increasingly implement my skills.

After obtaining my bachelor’s degree in architecture from Istanbul Technical University, I decided to advance my knowledge in architectural design and moved to Milan for my master’s degree in Politecnico di Milano. Subsequently, I began my career as a junior architect in Built. I have always enjoyed the design process of the projects and I mainly deal with the preliminary phases, modeling, and visualizations. I am interested in BIM design and would like to become an expert on the subject.

Valentina Peruzzi

Mariangela Gallo

I am a solar and resourceful building and architectural Engineer. I have developed, along with my studies, a strong interest in the integrated design approach, merging architectural, technological and energetical aspects. I am interested in following every step of the design process, from the concept to the construction and I also believe in the importance of having a direct connection with the clien

More than two decades of experience. In BUILT I  bring my skills in a young and dynamic environment, also contributing for all financial aspects regarding the whole management and team.

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Ebrahim Abnar


After obtaining my degree in architecture, built environment and interior design I started to develop a view of how related architecture can be to many elements and most important one which is how to build. From detailing a piece of wall to what color and material it has. Here there is the chance to explore and push forward all these ideas in a practical way in diverse retail and commercial spaces.

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