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New Branches design concept, designed and managed by DINN!

A revolutionary change  in the relational model  between the bank and  its clients that required

coordination and alignment  with many different  stakeholders, but proved  that with clarity of intents  and collaboration, a lot can be achieved.

Scope of work
Physical spaces rebranding

2 Pilot projects  Concept engineering  Architectural project. Professional services and work  direction for pilot projects

Project challenges


This concept is strongly based on  custom-furniture elements where  the core interactions with the  client take place. This elements  were designed in every detail

in order to respect the aestetic  and ergonomic values, while  integrating all existing and future  technical appliances (cashin-  cashout, printers, cablings, etc.).






Deliver a detailed technical design  of the external signage elements  allowed the client to evaluate in a consistent way different  contractors and technologies,  and ensured a swift and efficient  rollout.

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