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New Branches design concept, designed and managed by DINN!

An iconic and smart space  able to communicate the  new brand positioning,  designed in an environment  with different habits,  standards, and regulations.

Scope of work
Physical spaces rebranding

Concept engineering  Headquarter and Pilot branches  Achitectural projects  Stakeholders induction.

Project challenges


To manage a reliable and  trustworthy exchange with all  internal and external stakeholders,  an encrypted clouding storage  system was put in place, allowing  for an immediate and effective  sharing.


The challenge was to apply  the concept in a consistent  way throughout all Kazakistan

territory, managed, depending on  the regions, by different architects  and contractors.

To ensure the project success,  Concept Applications manual were  created and illustrated to all the  relevant stakeholders in face-to-  face events.

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